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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Writer's Block.....

Blogging Recess….. Yes, Non?

I have to admit! Blogging is hard work! Boy oh boy! Yet, there are people who have been doing this for years! Biko, I need to have a chat with those people, how do they do it? I sat in front of my laptop last night for a couple of minutes, when nothing was flowing, I decided to take a brief nap, perhaps a clear rested head would do the trick. Brief nap koo, brief nap ni, lol!! I woke up this morning at 5:30, hurriedly said a prayer, and turned on my laptop and still ….. nothing.  I have placed a sanction on myself to say, no going out and no food today until I at least put out something. I also have the JDs (job descriptions) to finish. So that too. Military confinement style it is! Until I finish all my to dos.

I had to deliver a spa voucher yesterday. I chose a spa around the Lekki environs because the recipient stays in Lekki. My plan was to pick up the gift voucher and head to hers straight. I got to the spa expecting to just pay, pick up and head out, 10 minutes maximum. Please someone should answer me this! What is wrong with our people fa?!!! Imagine the lady telling me to go and come back in the afternoon because their finance people were closing their books! Huh?! I was like, what has that got to do with anything, besides do you know how far I had to come to get here. You would think this was my first time doing this transaction with them. She said the vouchers are with the accountants and they won’t have our time now. I had to ask her to call her manager or I would report the case if she didn’t get me the voucher NOW! What the hell! A few minutes later, I had my voucher and left the place. Sheesh! Nobody wants to make the required effort anymore. SMH!

Is it just me or is the weather funny. It’s getting tougher for me to get in the shower every morning and my boys are coughing and sneezing. This is even contributing to my struggle to stay up at night and work, brrrr! I am in Ogun state more or less, so if you’re not feeling it, it means this wind hasn’t hit Lagos yet. 

I have started getting interesting emails in response to the tweet I put out two days ago. Let the weeding begin. I haven’t listed any tips in a while; today I will borrow some tips from various interesting materials I have been reading across the web.

Entrepreneur Tips
  • The right people make the difference. You can only do so much. Don't allow scarce funds restrict you, consider hiring interns or trainees and see how your business transforms.
  • In everything you do consistency is very important, 15 minutes of dedication daily is far better than eight straight hours once a week. Apply this in your social media marketing efforts
  • Work hard, stay humble. 
If you are interested, I will share a couple of the sites I visit regularly to get useful information. After you read up on all your linda Ikeji gossip (Yes You! You know I am talking about you), you can try to spare a few minutes to visit these other sites, that help you become a better person.