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Monday, July 15, 2013

Broke, Busted and Disgusted......

I changed my blog layout. What do you think about this new one? The other one was looking too serious and people complained that they couldn't view the comments. I am not afraid to try new things, so I changed templates.

2012...... What have I done!

Apart from hunting for nanny Mcphee, I spent this year trying to get my business going again. The orders were coming in trickles and I was getting tired and desperate. At some point I was thinking, who sent me! I sat down and started to weigh different options;

Option 1: Look for a government job

I felt this would entail less hours and would not involve the Island-Mainland commute but would guarantee me the oh so desperately needed predictable income.

I harassed the hell out of one of my uncles and he did give me a referral note to the civil service commission. I dressed sharply and went with my heavily loaded Resume to see the contact person in Alausa. He took one look at me and then my resume and said, madam why do you want to work here (in a very concerned voice)? Lol! I never heard from them.

Option 2: Get a part-time Lecturing job

I got a contact in yabatech and went to see him. I told him my mission. Sir, I want to lecture part-time; something related to business, I have an MBA. Hahaha, as if that would mean anything to him. He asked me the usual Nigerian question, what is your background/discipline? I knew where he was going, but still I answered, Chemical Engineering sir. Why don't you go to the engineering department? Excuse me?! Engine what? Someone remind me what Chemical Engineering is again *covers face*!

He went on to tell me there was a long queue for lecturers already. Long queue ke! Here I was thinking nobody was interested in lecturing. It was then that he told me that as a lecturer in government owned schools, you were automatically a government worker and that came with healthcare benefits for you and your family, as well as other allowances and welfare packages, no wonder! I didn't even know that.

Next stop, Unilag. At least my alma matter should favor me, I thought. Favor koo, favor ni. There were no smiling faces. The stern faced madam I met in the Faculty of Business Administration just looked at me like I was a rat and said, we are not recruiting (case closed). On my way out I saw an elderly man and told him my mission. He asked the same "what's your background/discipline" question, mscheew. Then he said if I wanted to lecture in their department, I had to come and do a three year post graduate course ...... #fade (everything else he said after that, just faded).

Option 3: Apply for the PHD/Research assistant program at Lagos Business School

Right from the time I finished from LBS, I had considered this program, because "predictable income" aside, lecturing is something I have always seen myself doing, perhaps as a retirement job. But when I heard that GMAT was a criteria for the program, I was like no way jose! At the point I was in during this period however, GMAT was a small obstacle and I was determined to surmount it. My brother-in-law bought me the GMAT prep kit and I engaged a tutor for a 3 month intensive brush up of all that algebra and stuff (reading in old age is not a beans!). I crossed this bridge, but don't ask for my score, hehe!

I started the process, chased Tunji Adegbesan around like a pendulum and then Banky of the enterprise development center. Tunji was of the impression that I would do better there based on my discussion with him on what I really wanted. We are still on this matter. At least, GMAT is out of the way! whew.There's my plan B. I know they say when you have a big vision, you follow it with all your heart and forget all else, taah! It would be evil if I lied to you that I do not have a plan B.

Option 4: Just look for a job!

I dusted my Resume and embarked on a half hearted job search. I had hit rock bottom!

Then one day, I am sitting by my computer and I get this mail from SMEToolkit (a community and resource center for entrepreneurs). They, in conjunction with IBM and EDC were looking for 50 female entrepreneurs for a mentoring program. I applied, thinking whatever!

About two weeks later, in December 2012 I got a mail that I had been selected as on of the 50 women for the program. Oh what great joy.

Life Skills Learnt

  • There is no final destination in life, it's a journey, you have to keep moving.
  • Decisions, decisions, decisions. They told us during my MBA that business is about analyzing alternatives and making decisions, I say life itself is about analyzing problems and making decisions.
  • There is no perfect answer to any situation you find yourself in, the key is to pray, seek counsel, analyse the available options and make a decision.

July 15 2013.....

I haven't been to the Hub in almost two weeks! So much to do, so little time. Our oga lesson teacher came today. The term is ending so I told him we'll stop lesson for the holidays. It's a long holiday so I am hoping by the time it passes I would have summoned enough courage to say thank you sir, we no longer need your services, so help me God. Chai! See my life.

Business has been so so.  On some days it's like so much activity and no results, on other days I feel like I am on fire. I am pressing on. I know I will get there. Everyday a new idea pops in my head, I act on it and see see where it takes me. I can't afford to stand still.

I had this press release sent out today by my very able oyamag fella;

Nigeria's No 1 Gifts Consulting and Solutions Company
Introducing trezorlandia, nigerias no1 gifts consulting and solutions company

Please share on as many platforms as you can! I am counting on your support to make Trezorlandia a household name synonymous to gifts. God bless!

Someone sent in his recommendations for the "reach out and touch someone" post from yesterday. He has also indicated his interest in helping out. Great people like this still exist! There is hope. I promised not to disclose his name, but I will share his propositions in my next post.

Entrepreneur Tips

  • Marketing is everything. I'll say this again and again and again.
  • I saw this somewhere and borrowed it;
    Remember that it's impossible to get everything done. Also remember that odds are good that 20 percent of your thoughts, conversations and activities produce 80 percent of your results. So focus on that 20 percent. Read more: