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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wizkid's got a Porsche Panamera (twice over), I want me one of those!

There, I got your attention! hehe.

Here's the real thing though, I think Nigerian entertainers are trying to kill us! Am I the only one thinking this is the agenda? Here we are minding our business, trying to focus and gather our coins, that's hard enough trust me. Then we now have to live with the constant oppression from the media flaunting the flashy car some young entertainer just purchased, like every other day! Ahn ahn, kilode.

Please click the link below to get an idea of what I am saying;

Nigerian Celebrities and their cars

And Badoo Olamide just joined the league too;

2013 Range!!

Not that I am hating on them (okay, I lie!! I am hating on them), just that this is becoming harassment. How can we concentrate? How can we convince our kids to stay in school and study? Pray tell! I just have one request. Can they please give the same attention and propaganda to the work that goes into getting there as well. Did I hear someone scoff? Lol!! I feel you, but trust me any successful entertainer has put in more hours of hard work and sweat than you can ever imagine. I mean the truly successful ones o, not the fake window dressing ones, posing with borrowed everything! God is watching them in 3D.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. Even armed robbers, have to plan and scheme (I apologize! Bad example right?). I have done a bit of research and compiled a few points as evidence of their hard work and I hope some take a cue and help us, biko! Enough with the "see my dollar syndrome", try "see my eight hour rehearsal clips" too.

You want Wizkid's Porsche Panamera? Five things you need to know;

Competition is steep;
As much as it seems every tom dick and harry that picks a mic is now driving an Aston Martin, if we think deeply, we would know that this is not true. Many people, of all ages, sizes and races are hoping to break into the world of entertainment.

The spotlight is on the one's that rise above the pack and when I say pack I mean paaaack! When you have a chance take time out to watch project fame or X-factor and you'll get an idea of how many people are in this rat race for fame and success

Talent is not enough;
If the success of an entertainer was judged by talent only, then we would have more of them at the top of the chain. I watched an interview with Asa on ebony life TV and she said her mentor taught her to always give 200% in performance no matter what, even if it was a one man audience. This requires determination and a Vision. Imagine singing and dancing to a room of three people and doing it with all your heart and might. 

To be successful, an entertainer needs networking skills, negotiation skills, money management skills and marketing skills to mention a few. You might say, oh they hire people to do that! But it takes skill to even know how to put a winning team together.

Practice makes perfect, be prepared to work hard;
If you watched the ebony life TV launch tonight like I did, tell me you didn't want to stand up and doff your hat at the performances of King Sunny Ade and Victor Olaiya! These senior citizens gave the younger boys they performed with a run for their money. You don't become a legend like that by sitting down and chewing bubble gum, no sir! These men work hard. 

If you have ever tried to use a microphone (without even singing and dancing o) just to give a short speech in front of a crowd, you would agree with me that it ain't no joke. Performing live on stage without going off key or losing your band while dancing requires hours and hours of practice and these guys make it look so easy. That's why we sometimes think they are playing.

Your life is your work;
For many, there is a clear line between work and life. You think this is the case for entertainers? Think about it for a minute? I doubt that. True, this is their passion, they love what they do, so they must be having fun. Why then do you think Amanda Bynes snapped recently? 

Managing fame is tough. You have all eyes on you, you have to smile at fans even when you don't feel like, before your name gets splashed all over the tabloids for being arrogant, unfriendly and whatever. No mercy on the streets for these guys!

What once was, can be all gone in no time;
We can draw up a list of international celebrities who became bankrupt later in life, Dionne Warwick, Gary Coleman, and so many others. In fact, see a list here;

We do not have such a system here in Nigeria, so I can't provide a list of successful Nigerian artists who have gone that route. But we do know quite a few who rocked in their days but are broke as they were rich back then. This takes me back to the point about being financially savvy. The ones who stand the test of time invest wisely or put in the Nigerian way, have side hustles such as clothing lines, hangout clubs and so on.

Ladies and Gentlemen, with these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that entertainment work is not a small sumtin! Thank you!

Still need me one of these though;