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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Join the Strike the Anvil movement.....

Inspiration to write has come! hehe from near frustration actually. Before I start the rant, let me first of all congratulate Nigeria and Nigerians on the peaceful transition. I don't know if this is because I am older and more involved in governance, but since the election season with Abiola, I think this has been the most active one so far. I have a couple of videos up on my instagram page from the accreditation to the voting to the counting! It was so interesting at my polling unit.

So strike the anvil didn't hold today and guess what, it was because of one sound cable that was disconnected!!! Imagine. Who would do that!! Why? Nobody has any business removing the cable. After waking up early and traveling from my village to the studio. I refuse to be mad. Whooosa.....

Imagine!! Why why why...

But we can't be broken, we are winners no matter what!

I joined the enteprise radio team last year and it has been quite  journey. +Trezor Landia  is still my first love though. If you follow @mofolusade on instagram you would see most of the highlights from what I have been up to. I teamed up with Kehinde Adegbulugbe to launch a show called Strike the anvil. The whole idea was to create a show that exposes business as it really is, the process behind the success and failures (yes, there are loads of that along the way). So far, strike the anvil is becoming a movement, we are working on some entrepreneurship skits that would bring the experiences of different entrepreneurs to life, what this space for that.

See our bad ass photo in our mean entrepreneur poses! hahaha photocredit - +Juwon Betiku 

Today's topic was meant to be about support groups. The entrepreneurship journey can be a lonely one. People look at you and wonder if you are just plain stupid or mad to choose to leave certainty for uncertainty. I hung out with some entrepreneurs yesterday, +Tolu Samaiye of melting moments, Tolu Awobiyi of Lord Tanner productions as well as +Olabode Emmanuel of +OYA Magazine and we had a really great time sharing, venting and renewing our resolves. It made me think about how important it is to spend quality time with people who get you, who understand... just understand the daily struggle to hold on to your dream in the face of all the challenges, because you know that someday soon, it will all make sense!

In closing, I ask, who are those that make up your support group? At those times when you feel like pulling your hair out, who do you talk to? The same people who said, go and get a job? Maybe not... hahaha.

Want to join the strike the anvil movement?

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