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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vivek Pasi the passionate engineering artist #inthespiriofenterprise

This is not the usual entrepreneur showcase. Vivek doesn't even do this as a business. But I saw one of his sketches of +Kennedy Adetayo one day and I just had to ask , who did this?! He told me a young engineering undergraduate he met on instagram did it for him.

I have a soft spot for engineers, then this engineer has this great talent and he is passionate about it! Whaat! I told Kennedy I had to have a chat with him. He connected us and the rest is history. He didn't hesitate to send me all the pictures of the work he's done so far. I just couldn't help but wonder how he keeps the balance with this great gift and school, engineering school for that matter. 

Here's a summary of our chat. I hope this inspires someone.....


Tell us about yourself

My name is Vivek Pasi and I belong to India. By education I'm an Engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication & Engineering.

Tell us about your passion for art

I don't Draw/Paint for business, it's just a hobby cum passion of mine. When I was a kid I used to sculpt ( Making statues of clay of our Gods and colouring them afterwards ( that was no business but fun)) and that's how I started trying my hands on painting/drawing and also one of my bad habit as a kid was to draw random stuff on the back side of my notebooks. So I'd say that these were the few things what actually brought me into drawing.

How have you maintained a balance with your engineering school work?

Well honestly I haven't been able to do much with my drawing skills and that's because I haven't been able spend much time with drawing because of studies and stress but these days I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with drawing.

I had left drawing because of engineering for a few years then It's been hardly a few months I came in to Instagram where I came across really good artists from around the world that actually gave me a boost and forced me to draw and eventually I sat and drew a few things and posted them on Instagram where people actually appreciated my art skills and that's what encouraged me a lot and forced me do draw more.

What role has social media played in getting your work recognized? How has this helped you?

+Kennedy Adetayo  (@ 4qhen) was one of my few followers at the beginning who actually appreciated my work and asked me to draw him and that's when I felt that people actually believe that I have got skills to draw, finally I drew him and I must say his was the only drawing what filled me with confidence and made me realise and felt that yes I can draw anything I wish ( that's what where I was lacking before "the confidence") before that I never used to take people work because I thought what if I couldn't draw them? , what if they didn't like my work ? Now I'd say that I've overcome that weakness( hesitation/lack of confidence).

Your pencil sketches stand out, tell us about that.

Well you said pencil sketching but I'd like to add few more thing to your words that it's not just pencils sketching what I do but I do all possible categories/classes of drawing i.e Abstract, Portraits, Illustration, Illusion, Nature and etc with all possible applications like Graphite(Pencils), Ink, Colour Pencils , Watercolours, Oil Paints and Charcoals.

Where do you see your art taking you in the future?

To be honest, I can't really say about where my art could take me in the future, I'm just trying to discover the choices.

But yes in few years I'd really like to see myself on such a platform where I could share my skills with others and help them develop theirs.

How can interested people find your work?

I'm not into social networking that much but I can still be reached out at (Instagram) and (Online Art Gallery)