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Monday, March 23, 2015

#NigeriaDecides : Support Your Candidate as The “Next for Nigeria” App Launches

It's less that a week to the elections, are you ready? We have had presidential debates, vicious name calling campaigns and massive disfiguring of our highways and environment in general. Trust me, I can't wait for this cup to pass over us! Lol

Before it passes over us however, we will be having our own election special tomorrow on #strikedanvil - there will be no name calling, promise. But hey, I bet entrepreneurs would want to know what plans the two main parties have for entrepreneurs.

I know that some of us have decided based on other criteria that are of interest to them, that's fine. We want to talk to the others who still need that final push based on entrepreneurship. Tune in tomorrow as we host two youth representatives from APC and PDP sharing their parties plans for the SMEs.

We have representing PDP;

Emmanuel Odoemelam is an accomplished editor and publisher with almost a decade experience. He is also a social entrepreneur and an alumnus of the School of Media and Communication PAN-Atlantic University. He is a frequent guest on radio programs. Emmanuel is currently the program director of SME Business Platform on Inspiration fm 92.3. 

He is the best selling co-author of The Land is Green for Entrepreneurs. He also holds a certificate in Developing Innovative Ideas for New Venture from the University of Maryland USA. He is very passionate about people living life with mission, purpose and vision. He is a PDP enthusiast and has consulted on various issues regarding youth enterprise with the current government.

Representing APC;

Bosun Adedokun
is an educator, entrepreneur and public policy analyst. His over a decade experience in the school system has seen him worked personally and alongside other professionals with top rated school brands in the area of School Improvement Planning, School Turnaround, Business Process Reengineering, Staff Capacity Audit, Enterprise Development, Performance Management amongst others. He believes in an education system that works for the best interest of the child first and other stakeholders. 

He provides support for a state school and two proprietary schools as an independent board member. He holds a first degree in marketing and postgraduate training in Education Management and Leadership & Organization Development. He is Cambridge Education Representative and also an Education Reforms Fellow at Incubator Africa. He is a community leader and also a card carrying member of the APC.

Meanwhile of all the photoshopped election pictures, this is the funniest I have seen! Nigerians are such interesting people.

Next up is this app...... read about it;


In keeping with the ever increasing use of technology within the Nigerian political landscape, the newly launched "Next For Nigeria" smartphone app is set to further revolutionize digital campaigning. Described as an election app with a twist, clever use of a magic-like technology called Augmented Reality which blends the real-world overlay digital media brings voters face to face with Presidential Candidates via personal video messages which are triggered when a user points their phone camera to a political party logo. The app is sure to sway the minds of undecided voters. The young peoples’ expression and voice regarding their decision for Nigeria’s future will be shared through these apps and distributed through popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Sample : *Note, it is just a coincidence that it is an apc sample we have, the app is for any party!

With the March 28th election date drawing ever closer, the tech-savvy Nigerian electorate are sure to ramp up campaigning efforts, with Next For Nigeria providing a fresh approach to campaigning previously seen.

Simply search "Next for Nigeria" on your Google Play store and download the app. It is free. Start the app and take a selfie from within the app and post on instagram or twitter cc @next4naija and use #Next4NaijaSelfieContest