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Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's no longer business as usual... Lend your voice!!

As I was going through online petitions that seemed to be heading somewhere and signing them, a breaking news headline flashed on twitter! Another bomb blast in Abuja... Hmmmm. People, we can no longer continue to sit back and carry on with our lives as if nothing is happening. It can no longer be business as usual!! 

Whenever issues like this are raised, many of us retreat into our shells or send curses and abuses to the government for failing us. To be honest, I feel the same way most of the time. But now let's forget these "people" and do whatever we can ourselves. Nigeria needs US!! I appreciate the efforts of the organised protests being held across the nation. I have seen pictures with people like #oby ezekwizili, +Seun Kuti+Iruobe Waje  in the fore-front, to mention a few. This is good. We must stand together and save our nation. 

We may ask how? Now I am not proving to be an expert on this but I will share my thoughts on a few things we can do. I watched the bee movie recently again and one thing they kept saying there was it doesn't matter how small your job/contribution is, what matters is if you do it and do it really well. 
  • Join the national discourse on the way forward. Hey, the advent of social media has changed the landscape for information. Share relevant information and links, information is power. Someone out there knows something that can help others, share!
  • Sign online petitions
    Here are the ones I signed tonight;

    Work with the UN and Nigerian government

    We may not all be able to go to Borno or Abuja to join rescue operations or protest, but we must support in every way we can.
  • Be vigilant, report suspicious events in your area. Don't look away.
  • I read a comment from someone today and I think it makes sense. Let us engage GEJ and his team. What are they doing to fight this insurgence? We need a clear cut agenda. Its been over a week since I read about the forest where the abducted girls are being held, why is there no visible effort to invade this said camp? Reuben Abati is on @abati1990 on twitter, let's bombard this handle with questions, not beer parlor type comments please! We need thought provoking questions that would lead to solutions. We can get a brainstorming session going!
  • Another valid point is to stop rumor mongering. We need facts. So many have said we do not know the names nor can we put faces to the abducted girls. The government cannot do this for us, where are our journalists? Its a shame that we've got more information from BBC and CNN than we have from our own. If you cannot verify the source of any information please don't spread it. 

God bless Nigeria!!!!