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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

51 Ways Ordinary People Reached World-Class By Robin Sharma with comments Part 1

Hi guys, as usual, when I see an article that strikes me, I decide to share with most of the thoughts running through my head as I read. It's  been a while yea? I completed my first online program on Coursera - Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship! Yaay me!! I also got me a verified certificate for the course that I am so proud to share, hehe - Yes ke!! The day you stop learning is the day you die.....

Back to the matter.... Fasten your seat belts, this is going to be mighty long. I'll try not to lose you.

51 Ways Ordinary People Reached World-Class
By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title
With comments from Mofolusade Sonaike...
  1. Know what you want. Clarity is power. And vague goals promote vague results.
    As simple as this sounds, knowing what you want is one of the toughest hurdles to cross in life. Things as basic as what to wear, whether to relax your kinky nachi hair and give up the nachi hair crusade or no (yea, that's where I'm at right now).
  2. Remember that every problem has a solution. Maybe you just can’t see it. Yet. 
    I know right, the wait time or search time is just so tiring. You keep thinking, where's this solution already!
  3. In this Age of Dramatic Distraction, the performer who focuses the best wins the most. 
    Focus, Focus!!! In this world of #mimirod and #kardishian sex tapes (scandalous sumtins!), instagram flexing and the hard pursuit of wealth, we need God himself to help us focus in this generation. Lord help us.
  4. Before someone will help you, you need to help them.
    Yea I agree. You can't expect to just call someone out of the blues to ask for help when you haven't been there for them ever! It doesn't always have to be monetary, sometimes all people need from you is some empathy.
  5. Become the most passionate person you know. It’ll be contagious. 
    Passion speaks for itself. If you really want to make a difference in your chosen field, you have to be passionate about it.
  6. Know more about your craft/the work you do than anyone who has ever done the work you do…in the history of the world. 
    Omo! More than anyone in the history of the world ke!! Mr.Robin, this one go hard small sha. Chai. To achieve this, one would need far more than Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hours of practice! Pleeenty of work! Wheew.

    But seriously, nothing good comes easy.
  7. Join The 5 am Club. Your most valuable hours are 5am-8 am. They have the least interruptions. 
    Before I started raising kids I was such a sleeper! I loved sleep and hated my bank job because I had to wake up early. My cousin and I would fight because I always made her late. Nowadays though, I am up without an alarm clock by 5, sometimes 4:30, life! lol.

    I have read in so many books and articles that one of the habits of most of the successful people is rising early. Why does this make a difference? It's easy to get sucked into a daily routine that does not add value. The way you start your day makes the difference in how your day goes. Commit the day to God's hands, exercise (it makes you sharp! seriously), then plan your day in order of priority. You achieve more this way. Thank me later.
  8. Devote yourself to learning something new about your field of mastery every day. Success belongs to the relentless learners. Because as you know more, you can achieve more.
    Nothing beats continuous learning.
  9. Remember that when you transform your fitness, you’ll transform your business. 
    Aha! I didn't even know this would make the list when I mentioned exercise earlier. I hear the Dutch are really fitness crazy, they ride to work most of the time - so says my friend who works there. They must be super productive, I imagine. We on the other hand are so lazy that even to visit a neighbor within the same estate we drive! SMH. Since I heard the gist about the cycling Dutch, I made a mental note to get me a bicycle. Yes! I can. (only on the good roads though, which is within my estate pretty much, lol!).
  10. Don’t check your mobile when you’re meeting with another person. It’s rude. And rude people don’t reach world-class. 
    Er.... I knew drawing up a list of 51 could not be that easy! That's how come "and rude people don't reach world-class.....because they check their phones" makes the list. It just sounds funny Mr. Robin. Not that it's not rude to check your phone when in a meeting but....
  11. Every time you do what scares you, you take back the power that you gave to the thing that scared you. And so you become more powerful. 
    Very true this!
  12. A problem is only a problem if you make the choice to see it as a problem.
    Easier said than done, but true. Many battles are first won in the mind.
  13. Stop being a victim. Your business and personal life was made by you. No one else is responsible. To make it better, make better choices. And new decisions.
    Think about this one deeply! Many times we wallow in self pity and blame everyone else but ourselves for our problems. Truth of the matter though is, where you are today is a result of the seeds you sowed yesterday - the relationships you formed or didn't, the books you read or didn't, the choices you made! Trust me, it's all YOU!! If you want a change, the change has to start from you.
  14. You can lead without a title. Don’t wait to get a position to stand for excellence, peak quality and over delivery on every expectation. There are so many empty titles around us..... I bet you know one or two. Try not to carry one of them on your head. Has any of you seen the official houseboy of the federation one?!
        Seriously, it's a real title. Lol.I saw it and was like huh?!! Only in Nigeria!
  15. Find your own style. Be an original. Every superstar differentiated themselves from The Herd. And marched to their own drumbeat. Its so much easier to follow the herd/crowd. Want to be successful, you have to follow your inner voice. There's really no other way to say it.
  16. Understand that when you play small with your success, you betray your potential. And the birthright you were born under. 
    Hmmm, this one is a bit lost on me..... help somebody!
  17. Eat less food and you’ll get more done.
    Hahahaha!! As funny as this sounds, I bet you agree that it's so true. Overeating makes you less active and creative. Try eating eba at 7pm and attempt to study that same night. Even the sleep that you try to sleep will be a restless one. 
  18. As you become more successful, stay really really hungry. Nothing fails like success. Because when you’re successful, it’s easy to stop outlearning+outOverDelivering+outthinking and outexecuting everyone around you. (Success is Beautiful. And dangerous). 
    Don't think you have arrived just because you hit your target. Celebrate the success, but set new targets and keep moving or else you'll fall back.
  19. If you’re not overprepared, you’re underprepared. 
    Wooow!! This is a hard truth. That little extra crossed 't' and dotted 'i' is the difference between a strong second class upper and a first class.
  20. The only level of great manners to play at is “Exceedingly Polite”. In our world, this alone will make you a standout. And differentiate you in your marketplace. 
    We need more "Exceedingly Polite" people in Nigeria, what we have mostly is "Exceedingly rude" people. I was at shoprite yesterday waiting in line to pay for my goods, only for the lady at the counter to walk away without a word to those of us waiting! I was livid. When we confronted her, she said she was looking for change and she said this rolling her eyes! Gosh. Some people are so so rude here.
  21. Remember that the moment you think you’re a Master, you lose your Mastery. And the minute you think you know everything, you know nothing. In simple terms, humble yourself...... I know this saying has been over-flogged, but "Pride goes before a fall". Remember that.
I have to break it at this point. The list is so long it should be digested in parts. Will post part 2 in a bit.

Have a great day guys! Cheers.

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