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Friday, May 9, 2014

Omo Anifowose ...... @Olamide_YBNL #fridaymusic Nigeria oh Nigeria!!!

I have been MIA because I simply can't get myself into the zone. The state of the nation is a major factor in this. Everything around is so depressing. I was even discussing this challenge with my sister earlier today and she said "so blog about just that".Still it was so hard to put any thoughts down, until this evening when I saw something and I'll share in a bit, first let's let out all this gloom.

Am I the only entrepreneur who is finding is difficult to stay upbeat and motivated in Nigeria right now? I am just curious. Do we still get up gearing to go and conquer? I saw some comment on twitter earlier and I was like huh?! Some have actually been capitalizing on the #bringbackourgirls campaign for personal benefits, not subtle ones like "me too, I dey here" type benefits but blatant advertising and marketing of themselves or their business. Someone tweeted a link with a catchy heading relating to the campaign only for people to follow the link and find it was just a link to a sales website! Na wa o! So I am guessing maybe, not many of us are really downcast by the mood in the air. It's still business as usual. Oma se oo.

I also noticed a struggle for recognition of the creator of the hashtag #bringbackourgirls on twitter and couldn't believe it! Does it really matter who created it? It's a nice to know, but perhaps we can get on with that once this is all sorted, maybe? Come on guys! Why are we letting this is become an opportunity to gain brownie points. This is serious! Of which, truth of the matter is the abducted girls' case (true or not, as there is another debate going on about this) is just a part of the whole picture. People have been dying in their 100s every other day! We need an intervention and fast! It's great that Nigeria is in the spotlight right now, let's make it count. Let's put aside all our shenanigans and focus on the matter at hand.

About that the I saw that lifted my spirit, I watched a video produced by +Kemi Adetiba and it got me excited! I remember the first time I heard @Olamide_YBNL 's  rendition of Kwam 1's "Omo Anifowose" I couldn't stop listening to it. I rocked the track on the CD till it was too scratched to play properly, hahaha! The song is a story of the struggle of many. My favorite line in the song is - "Versace, Versace, you're rocking versace, your mummy is hungry, Oloshi" . Apparently the official video was uploaded in March! Where have I been? I just have to say, Kemi and Olamide, you guys made my evening! Besides today is Friday and I haven't shared any #fridaymusic in ages plus this'll be my first Nigerian track on the blog. Yipee!!

I hope you enjoy it like I have. I wish I could translate the whole song for the benefit of my non-yoruba readers, but omo, na long tin be dat. Look for a yoruba speaking friend and ask them. I'll translate a few lines.

Hey, so I created this version of his quote at the end of the video using pikochart! Yaay me.
Cheers to the weekend and God save Nigeria....!

I love the part where he gives someone a note and the person opens it and see a 5,000 naira note with Olamide's picture on it. I also love the quote at the end. I literally felt the hairs on my skin rise as I watched this video!

 Bonus Transcripts

 - Oga Ade, E wo bi ta ba de, Omo eru d'oba, Igboro d'emi lade
Mr. Ade, look where we are now, the son of a slave is now king, the streets crowned me (I think that's close, hehe)

- Mummy t'aso e ati bata e fun paro, Daddy t'aso e ati bata e fun paro to put food on the table
Mummy sold her clothes and shoes for barter, Daddy sold his clothes and shoes for barter

Meanwhile, times have changed o!! I just thought to try to see if I would get the full lyrics online and voila! Thanks to I'll try to do a few more translations and corrections because apparently there are some lines I am almost certain are wrong. Kudos to the person who put these lyrics out though! It must have been quite a bit of work.

More translations are welcome, especially for those deep proverbial lines meeen!! Feel free to help us here.

By the way this gunman pose went completely viral when the album was released last year. While many were busy striking the pose and posting pictures via social media, others were out crying blue murder with claims that its was an Illuminati concept. What's your take?


Omo Anifowose
Omo Anifo
Iru ki le yi
Omo Anifowose
Omo Anifo
Iru ki le yi
Omo Anifowose
Won mu ewure dudu
Won mu re igbo ifa
Omo Anifowose
Won m’aguntan bolojo
Won mu re ile osun
Omo Anifowose
Osun o gba aguntan
Ema se gba emi mi
Omo Anifowose
Eni ti o le se bi alaaru l’oyingbo

Na na naaa na ( This ad lib by Olamide just has to be there!! I love it)

ko le se bi adegboro l’oja oba
Ayinde ooh eh
Ayinde ooo

Won ni kilode,
Ki lo ba de, ki lo n wa n bi, ki lo fe
 ( They say what is it, what brings him here, what does he want?)
They never thought I’ll make it to the top but that’s not fair
To ri mummy wa o l’owo
  (Because our mummy didn't have money)
To ri daddy wa o l’owo
(Because our daddy didn't have money)
Hustled from the house and every damn thing na sorrow
Mo ya je solo o
A de soro o
Highclass dem say we are so low o
Mommy ta’so ati bata e fun paro
Daddy ta’so ati bata e fun paro
To put food on the table
Ko ma d’abi pe won wa capable
Salary daddy o wa stable
Everyday ko la ma je vegetable
Mama a ni God is able, highest nkan ta ma fi mu garri lebu
Awon omo Landlord chance wa
Tor'on pass wa, won embarass wa,
Won ni e kuro ni house wa
Won frustrate mummy ati house wa
Awon omo alhaja
To ba so mi m’ole le yin, ma ja
Mi wa ja but t’owo mi ba d’eyan, wa ja


Mo n da gba
Mo n da fa
Mi o mo ile onisegun, mi o mo ile alfa
(I do not know any herbalist homes nor do I know any cleric's home)
Bo ya mommy ati daddy lo sise lori mi
 (Maybe my mummy and daddy worked on me)
Glory be to alpha
Before life hard
Poverty fi mi se cypher
Sorrows and pain ma fi mi ka ***
Ma tun se high five
So we roll up just to get high but
poverty no stop
 so man gats open eyes
 (I edited these lines, I think this is what he said)
Oga Ade
Ewo ibi ta ba de
Omo eru d’oba
Igboro demilade
Ema kun pancake
Me i am getting my cake
Niggas dem be like hey
When they see my picture on the ***
Them no reach God,
them know this
Won fe si office le mi lori
Se mo jo novice
I love this
I can be rolling like a borris
Versace, versace
You rocking versace…..
your mummy is hungry (I can almost bet my life that this is what he said here!!), oloshi 
Emi tun flourish, awon parents mi jeun to nourish (edit)


Long live king wasiu ayinde marshall
for the inspiration
Living legend toh bad
Kwam I the ultimate
Mo sample your voice baba, e ma kana
Olamide badoo

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