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Thursday, August 29, 2013

My first customer and the next......#inthelineofduty

I woke up a bit depressed today, happens sometimes, but I never let it gain root. I shake it off with all I've got and choose to be happy, no matter what. One of my depression fighting tools is cooking, lol! I cook and cook till I feel like the world is a better place. If my freezer or pocket is dry (we all have those times, I think), I call up my mum and offer to help them cook, stew, vegetable soup and my favorite, fried rice! That's what I cooked today, a large pot of it. My hubby was happy, the boys were happy, sent some to my folks, they were happy and so was I. The end!

It's #inthelineofduty day and I want to share my experience with my first customer and the next. The very first time someone hands you a cheque for offering that service or product, you just want to scream! During the development stage of your idea, you are never really sure someone will pay you for that product/service - Apart from family and friends who might just want to encourage you. How sustainable is that? Unless you're from Kunta Kinte's (dunno where that thought came from, lol!) large family and they have a lot of money to spare.

The first Trezy men.....

All customers are precious, but the very first ones..... Priceless!!!

My very first job was a stumble on kind of one. A good friend wanted to propose to his girlfriend on her birthday but didn't have a clue what to do. He called me up and I was just reeling out ideas and he said, you know what, just help me organize it and send me my bill. I was super excited, not only was I doing something I absolutely enjoyed, but I was also going to get paid? Yabadabadoooooo

Here's how this one went down. We devised a way to get her ring size using an accomplice; one of her sisters. We ordered a cake and had the ring as well as the cake delivered to the restaurant where they were going to be having dinner. Next, we had little mini cards to say happy birthday, will you go to so and so spa and then join me for dinner at so and so restaurant? I had those booked and sorted. At the restaurant, I had arranged with the chief chef to turn up the music at a certain time and come out with the cake and ring with some noise and fan fare - you wouldn't believe how happy these guys are to do these things. The card and the main gifts, two wristwatches ( he said she loved wristwatches, so we got two) were packaged and delivered to her. The rest is history!

I hadn't registered a name yet at this time, so the invoice I sent was " Mofolusade consult" and I got paid in my personal account. But this experience gave me the confidence and courage I needed to push the idea. The naming of the idea, the account opening and all came after this.Then I called up a few of my friends to say, I just started this business, when's your wife's/husband's birthday or anniversary bla bla bla, just let me know. One of my old colleagues from my FCMB days, liked the idea and promised to employ trezorlandia's service for his wife's birthday. This was my very first job as Trezorlandia.

I sent him options as well as cost implications for the day and he settled for a mix of all three. For a memorable birthday experience, the cake and card are a given, especially if we are delivering to an office! Office folk love sharing birthday cakes, lol. He wanted this to be a really special experience for her and we developed a plan to do just that.

I had to resume at her office way way before she got in so I got help from my friend Maureen and got everything set at her place which wasn't too far from the island. We didn't sleep, It was fun getting everything ready and we went together to the office to set up her table;

Here's what she resumed to that morning, we put a little fruit bowl for her because he told us she wasn't really into cakes. The framed picture there is a little scribble from her daughter which her Dad got her to do.

Guess what? This was just part one. I swear, I enjoyed this job so much. It was a lot of fun to do. Next up, was a cake delivery at around noon. We agreed to deliver a cake, because really what is a birthday at the office without a cake to share?

The grand closing was the main gift package itself which we delivered at about 3p.m. It had a tiffany and co bracelet with an engraved heart shaped locket and pictures of her husband and daughter inside. There were two other items in the box. A handbag that her husband purchased and a perfume, I think;

Now tell me this was not a memorable experience! Even for me, it was.

These two; ladies and gentlemen of my blog family, were my first "trezy men". I am developing a proper description of who a "trezy man" or "trezy woman" is. I'll share it here soon. In the meantime, I just developed this form on google docs, I want you to join the "trezy family". If you would, please fill the form by following the link below.

Trezy men and women

Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!