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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Don't sweat the small stuff and its all the small stuff!

I finally found a way to keep my sanity with this blogging matter. Guest blogging! How did I never think of that? Hehe. Life is good. I have a ready made post for tonight, so I am off to bed early, *Doing the azonto* 

Erin Magazine Article by Tanwa Sulaiman........

Tanwa Sulaiman is a UK trained Dental Nurse and publisher of a dental health and lifestyle magazine called Erin magazine. Erin means smile as she likes to say. She has a column tagged "Diary of a Dental Nurse....". Today's post is culled from her recent write up. I found it inspiring, I hope you do too.


I sit here with a headache and at a loss for what to write…okay, yeah, something just popped into my head. Let me tell you about a tape I’m listening to titled – “Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all about the small stuff.” By Richard Carison PH.D

One rainy Saturday morning in Lagos, I went on one of my usual dental clinic visits; I like to check on the clinics after my exercises to see how they are faring. So, I also popped into my favorite book store to buy a certain book titled – No excuses by Brain Tracy recommended by this kind dentist whose clinic I visited. I didn't get the one I specifically went there for…but I came out with 3 books I didn't plan for and 2 sets of tape, yes! You heard right – tapes! 

(Tapes?! Seriously. Who still listens to tapes? Tanwa is in a class of her own)

You see, my car – I call him Josh (This girl names cars too!); is relatively old but I totally love him. So Josh has a tape player and I’m not ready to make the switch to CDs. So I bought this tape. I do have a lot of tapes in my car and I have a Walkman too and I’m proud of them, thank you!

So basically, listening to this particular tape helps me re-affirm some of my life’s philosophies and teaches me new ones which can be helpful with living and working in a place like our great country Nigeria (I’m totally Proudly Nigerian though – stress and all)

I can’t share all the helpful nuggets of the tape because of space constraint (Tanwa, who said anything about space constraints here *sticks out tongue*), but will share some, I’m sure you can get the CD or the book at any good bookstore ( I bought the last tape in case you are still old school like me)

  • Cut yourself some slack; don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Fill your heart with Love – it’s much easier really
  • Look for the extraordinary in the ordinary – there’s beauty everywhere and in everything  - no matter how gloom it might seem.
  • Be kind to people and don’t have to tell anyone about it. Help at least someone smile.
  • Would it matter a year from now? Ask yourself that when you find yourself worrying.
  • Basically, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff because, really, it’s all small stuff’
So enjoy every day, treasure yourself and each other, be grateful for what you have and make the most of now…

Thank you Tanwa!! Don't mind my insets, I just couldn't resist.