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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Giggles n Gurgles - Olunike Gbabe #inthespiritofenterprise

Many times, we have ideas but keep procrastinating because we feel we have all the time in the world until we get a sudden jolt and we realize it's now or never. Life is short. Nike was grounded after an incident for months and it was in this moment of helplessness that she realized she had to do something.


Tell us about yourself

I am Olunike Gbabe. I am a banker and an entrepreneur, happily married to an awesome man and blessed with two (2) energetic boys. I have a first and second degree from the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife.

Tell us about your business

Giggles n Gurgles is a one-stop shop for all baby needs (feeding items, baby gears etc), clothing, shoes and accessories for children (new-born to age 12). It is a business borne out of passion. We offer convenience, quality and affordability.

Giggles n Gurgles was birthed out of my passion for seeing children looking well groomed without breaking the bank. I started the business in December 2011 from the comfort of my sitting room and today we own a brick & mortar as well as an online store.

I launched the Giggles n Gurgles brand as a result of the difficulty I experienced (and I know other moms also did) in getting a one-stop shop to shop quality and affordable clothing and shoes for my boys.

The passion to start was also fueled by my background knowledge in business which I gained working with my mom when I was growing up.

How did you get funding for your business?

I started very small with savings from my monthly salary.

What opportunities have you been able to leverage on in your business so far?

At the start of the business, I leveraged on relationship with friends within my social circle and colleagues at work and through them I was able to get referrals. Subsequently, our customer service orientation and product quality/affordability have enabled us retain our foundational customers and also attract/ retain new customers.

What was your inspiration for starting this business?

My inspiration to start this business and also keep at it has been God. I say this because HE gave me the inspiration to start when I was home for about 6 months recovering from an accident which made me immobile. Before the incidence of the accident, I had wanted to start a kids clothing business but always procrastinated.

What challenges have you faced so far and how have you been able to overcome them?

Some of the challenges we have faced like most other similar businesses has been the issue of new customers comparing our prices with that of products which are of lesser quality. However, the customers who eventually buy come back with testimonials of the durability and uniqueness of our products and also do repeated business with us.

How will you summarize the journey so far?

The journey thus far has been challenging but also very interesting, seeing the business grow from the confines of my home in December 2011, to opening a brick and mortar store in June 2012 and launching an online store in December 2014. My major joy comes from the positive testimonials from customers who patronize us and also seeing my vision of offering people convenience, durability and affordability in clothing their kids (and making the kids giggle…) come into fruition.

Given the chance, will you do this again?

I would say an emphatic Yes.

What lessons have you been able to learn from your journey so far that others should know?

The major lesson is to commit all ones plans, ideas and ambition totally into God’s hands. He desires that we succeed in our endeavors even more than we do, He has never failed! Also as an entrepreneur, I have learnt to be focused and to combine my passion with tenacity.

I would encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their passion. Whatever factors that cannot stop you from starting cannot stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Start somehow and leave the rest to God.

How can people connect with you?

Our physical store is located at No 2 Ladipo Olukoya Street, Off Oyedele Ogunniyi Street, Anthony Lagos. You can also visit our online store
We are also on facebook:, on instagram @giggleskiddies. We can also be reached directly via telephone on 08036685443, 08095933933.
Our BBM pin is 7B7DB25C and my Email address is

Be rest assured that we have competent hands to attend to you when you reach us on any of the above medium.

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