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Monday, November 30, 2015

Franchise Opportunity in Nigeria - Spring Meadow Edutainment and Meadow Hall Branchise

A few weeks ago, I got a call from an old friend Moninuade Illuyomade, She wanted me to come and talk to some aspiring entrepreneurs that were looking to take advantage of the Meadow hall franchise. 

I was concerned about the distance and timing, but passion prevailed and I agreed. I was glad I was there because I didn't just get to share my 2 cents on entrepreneurship but I learnt about new opportunities available for investors in Nigeria.

I focused on my top five things you need to know before you jump into business, starting with your "why".

I have a vlog series ongoing on this, if you haven't visited my vlog please click here to watch and subscribe.... thanks! 

Hehe... I was in my element! 

If you have been to Meadow Hall in Lekki, or met the Group CEO, Mrs. Kehinde Nwani, you would immediately feel all the excellence packed into this vision. I was given a tour round the facility and oh my God!! If I wasn't living so far away and of course if I had that plenty school fees money (hehe...Good things don't come cheap, let's face it) I would move my boys there immediately. 

Mrs. Kehinde Nwani, Group MD/CEO
I realized there is so much to gain from having healthy conversations with people, sometimes you catch a revelation that changes your whole life. This is what happened with Mr. Nwani, one minute she is discussing with a friend about expansion plans for meadow hall and her friend says, why don't you consider franchising? That was the aha moment and she dug up her legal notes and launched a full research on the possibilities.

With the current economic situation, running with an existing, tried and tested business model is the way to go! No kidding. No point spending money on trial and error. The franchise model is a win win, where the school gets to expand through you and you gain leverage. Don't get me wrong though, there will be challenges, but many of the basic hurdles will already be eliminated. 

Mrs Moninuade Iluyomade, breaking down the franchise benefits
I promised to share summary of the opportunity to a lot of people, below is an overview of the Meadow Hall Branchise and what it offers;



Meadow Hall Branchise is a subsidiary of the Meadow Hall Group. The aim of the Company is to manage the business expansion of the group by setting up branches for Meadow Hall School.

Who we are:
  • Meadow Hall Branchise is a subsidiary of Meadow Hall group. 
  • Branchise is a fusion of the words branch & franchise. 
  • Our aim is to create opportunities for our stakeholders.
What We do:
  • We set up branches for Meadow Hall Education, 
  • (A subsidiary of Meadow hall group). 
  • We oversee the franchising of different Meadow Hall Centres. 
  • These Centres are operated and managed by Spring Meadow Edutainment (A subsidiary of Meadow hall group) on behalf of Meadow Hall.
Our Vision:

To build and nurture a network of innovative and creative entrepreneurs who in turn will spread best practices in the education industry while simultaneously creating wealth in the economy.

What is franchising?

This is a relationship between the franchisor (Meadow Hall Branchise) and the franchisee (You) where the franchisor grants the franchisee the right to use a developed concept, including trademarks and brand name, service & marketing methods and the entire business operation model, for a fee.

What we Offer to Prospective Franchisees

An Opportunity to:
  • Be associated with a reputable Brand name.
  • Access a quality trademark.
  • Use an established and proven operating system.
  • Operate a successful Business model.
Your success is our success therefore we will provide strong operational, training & Marketing support to our franchisees.

What we offer the children

An opportunity to:
  • Harness their imagination
  • Unleash the endless potentials of their creativity
  • Gain mastery of their skills 
  • Develop their physical & artistic skills to its highest potential. 
Franchise Offering

1. Meadow Hall Music Academy
2. Meadow Hall STEM Centre
3. Meadow Hall Language School
4. Meadow Hall Art Centre
5. Meadow Hall Dance School
6. Special Education Needs Centre
7. Meadow Hall After School Centre
8. Meadow Hall Book Cafe
Selected Territories
  • VGC/Ajah 
  • Victoria Island 
  • Surulere 
  • Ikeja 
  • Gbagada 
  • Anthony/Maryland 
  • Magodo/ Ogudu

Outside Lagos:
  • Abuja 
  • Ibadan 
  • Port Harcourt. 
For further enquiry or registration & application please contact:

t: 0705 119 0415



tw: Meadowhall Branchise@mhallbranchise