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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Strike the Anvil....... Entrepreneurship as it really is

A few years into my entrepreneurship journey, I was really tired, it was as though, nothing was moving, I was stagnant and this close to giving it all up. I sat in front of my computer and started this blog, (I can't believe its been about two years ago now).

I poured out my heart a couple of times and felt better, it strengthened my resolve to keep going. What was even more surprising and encouraging to say the least was the feedback I kept getting! Alas, I was not alone. It struck me then that sharing is caring. The journey of an entrepreneur is a long and lonely one, somewhat. It was then that I decided to start networking, sharing and connecting. I poured myself into it. I have met people and heard stories, some of failure (many I must say, lol) and some of success that is never really a destination by the way but a continuum with more failure along the line. This is why I totally love the quote by Jay Z that I stumbled on recently;

"The genius thing we did was that we did not give up" 

I am telling you! Nothing sums it up better. I have seen the best and the brightest fall, In fact I have come to find that too much education and pre conceived knowledge can be a stumbling block. You have to be hungry and eat humble pie. Nobody has all the answers, we learn and grow everyday. I can't even begin to document all that I have experienced and learnt along the way. But I know someone needs it. I haven't experienced all this for nothing. 

I have been in arguments with people as to whether Entrepreneurship can be taught in a classroom or can only be experienced. I am for the latter, there is no book or classroom that can really capture the essence of entrepreneurship. We can only try and this is what Strike the Anvil seeks to achieve. To spark conversations that matter, to bring to fore the true struggle of an entrepreneur using this blog, the radio show and this TV web series I just launched. Yes! lol. I have failed so many times so I am so not afraid to try. What's the worst that can happen? 

I had this idea in my head forever, even before the radio show debut, but I just couldn't figure out where or how to start. I even met +lanre aina at the google DBM training and thought, yaay this is it, but I have never met anyone busier than this man! hahaha. Anyway, I thought to myself one day, wait a minute, why am I waiting for perfection, it doesn't have to be perfect. I will start where I am with what I have. So during the build up to the elections, I picked up my boys and we went on a road trip to Obafemi Awolowo University to work with some students from the creative arts department and some others who are not students of the department but are passionate about arts. Together we put together our first few episodes of strike the anvil!! Whoop Whoop!!

I'll share my OAU experience in another post, but for now enjoy the first video, like, comment, share and most importantly, subscribe to the +YouTube page.

Thanks Fam!

Banke @bank3h
We also got an amazingly talented duo to do the theme song for the series. Banke and Dayoslides, both students of the Obafemi Awolowo university ... They've got talent in that school though, almost as much as we got in unilag (pun intended, hahaha).

Dayoslides @dayoslides

listen here

or try here if hulkshare is having one of their bad days... free things! sighs.

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