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Monday, July 6, 2015

3 entrepreneurship events you don't want to miss this season.....

As an entrepreneur, the quest for knowledge never ends, beyond that, the power of networking cannot be underestimated. What do you spend your time doing? Take one day off from the hustle and come out to meet with other entrepreneurs so you can exchange ideas, form alliances and just relax (hey, nothing wrong with that!)

In case you are wondering what events to attend, here's a list of some of the upcoming ones that I know would be worth attending.

Thank me later :-)

1. iaspireblog Business Seminar, July 18th 2015

This is a paid event, but they have 8 free exhibition slots for the first 8 people to complete their registration. The event will have top bank executives and angel investors in attendance. Entrepreneurs will get to listen to success stories of other entrepreneurs as well as get the opportunity to share their ideas one on one with potential investors.

The event is hosted by +iaspireblog. Visit to register.

2. TeamfestAfrica, August 7-9 2015

I bet you have heard of Copa Lagos, or maybe even attended. Well, the organizers are hosting their premier festival to connect entrepreneurs, and help job seekers get hired. It's a 3 day long bumper package and trust me, It will be fun!

Guess what? Yours truly, mumpreneur Mofolusade has five tickets to give away too!! Yaaay. Here's what you have to do.

- Resgister at
- Tweet 3 benefits of attending the event to @sonaike, using the hashtag #teamfestafrica.

All the best.

3. The Land is Green Business Seminar, August 13 2015

The Land is green project is a network support system for entrepreneurs. The convener, +Kehinde John Olagbenjo has been hosting free monthly business meetings for some time now and is set to take the project a notch up! You really don't want to miss this event. Save the date and ensure you register at or

For more information about the event, visit here.