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Monday, March 31, 2014

Memoirs of a Lagos City Hustler #LCH 14 - Appreciating Mothers

Did you know that the physical pain in the human body can be measured through the use of the ultrasound and computer technology on certain parts of the body joints and other parts of the body. The scientific equipment, Dolorimeter, measuring pain threshold has it's measurement in Dols.

Did you also know that the highest our body can hold is a maximum of 45 Dols of chronic pain, while the intensity of pain during childbirth is as high as 57 Dols of acute pain?(Er... +Kennedy Adetayo, you need to provide your source here! Na die be dis ke) This is equivalent to 20 bone fractures at the same time!(If you might ask, getting kicked in the balls is about 78 Dols) (Whatever! You only get kicked there when you've been a jerk)

If men were to be giving birth, I'm sure world population would've declined seriously because no man will risk his life to have more than a child in his lifetime. And while the rich ones are buying babies from the poor ones; the next generation would not dare give birth because of what they would have been told.

I found a video of two men who subjected themselves to the pain through a simulation, watch it Pregnant Men;

What do you think?

Kudos to your Mum...without her I wouldn't have someone important and special as you reading this. 

As in, no be small tin!
Appreciate every woman in your life at all times, they are really the stronger sex.

**Sorry about the long break, LCH is back and better**