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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hposh Diaries.........

A Letter to Myself

Dear Hposh,

Source : Carg's doodles

I hope you've been doing great!

As February makes way for March - your special month, I would like to ask you how the year 2014 been for you so far?

In the last few weeks, you've been so aggressive and rude to your very close friends.

Is there something you want to talk about?

I've been studying you for a while now and I think I've taken notes of some vital incidents.

What's up with you and church?

You hardly go to church these days.

You say it is boring.

You find every excuse for not to attending service.

There was one particular day you just went to church to drop your tithe and voom, you took a bike off for a "meeting" with one of those girls you've been trying to woo.


You are digging your own grave man.

Remember there's nothing you can do without God, so I'd advise you give yourself brain.

Have you been giving in to social and peer pressure?

What happened to your promise of never taking alcohol?

Did you lose focus?

You wanted to feel among right?

Remember you have sweet taste buds and that *hit irritates you.

I'll advise you stick to your soft drinks before you burn your throat with VODKA!

Girls! Girls! Girls!

How come you are paying attention to so many girls lately?

You want to be in a relationship?

You know it can't work for your now right?

You've got a bigger dream and distractions will just take you steps backwards.

I'm not saying having female friends isn't a good thing.

My point is make them your good friends.

You don't need to ask them out!

"Oga Ade" di I here you say you are trying to fall in love?


Love is sweet but it comes naturally.

Just take it easy man.

Be a friend! Other things will follow.

You've not been reading, I hope you know that?

Step up your game man! Readers are leaders.

Calm down bro.


Take a deep breath.

Say your early morning prayers.

Write out your goals.

Take the first step.

Add value to people.

Be informed!

Make yourself happy.

Love people and take them for who they are.

Meet and roll with the right folks.

Build a network of positive, creative and innovative people.

Take a step at a time.

Find solutions instead of complaining.

Things may go wrong, it's just normal.

Perfection may not be attainable, God's grace is sufficient.

Find solution to problems.

Invest more in people, ideas and your business.

Live a stress-free life.

Life is beautiful, don't get it twisted!