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Monday, March 6, 2017

2016 Highlights - Passion and Prudence was lit!

Happy new year people! (This is long overdue *covers face* lol)

Despite the recession, we made it this far and we are still here, that's enough to be thankful for. An attitude of gratitude is one the keys to success. So in the spirit of gratitude, I am sharing one of the milestones I achieved last year and drawing lessons from it. I hosted my first major event on the Global Entrepreneurship Platform and it rocked! See a few pictures below;

Actors after the show

Folawale Ariran

Precious Ajunwa

Can you feel the excitement? Hehe....

It started as just a thought in August, I was chatting with my adopted son, +Olabode Emmanuel  and he said, can we stage a play this year ma. It was like a lightbulb moment, immediately I started to see a stage production on entrepreneurship and it came just in time to submit as a global entrepreneurship week event. Note, at the time of conceiving this idea, I didn't have a dime and I am not even joking. Lol.

I called up +Akinola Akinlade and broke down the concept to him, trust the fella, in less than two days I had a script! The way he fleshed out the short narrative I gave him ehn! I was eggcited! We are doing this yo! Now to get the actors and buy in from the +Enterprise Development Centre I called up my friend, Bukola Ogunsanwo ever agile and ready to support my grandiose ideas and we jumped in the car and drove all the way to the Ajah campus to meet with them. They bought the idea pronto. Next hurdle crossed. Next was funding. We pitched a partnership arrangement to them, but that didn't fall through, so we targeted some big names and started the chase. Just to get a minute to pitch this idea, at some point I event thought my husband would send me packing. We went to an event just to see this one "big man" and were practically dozing in our seats around past 12 midnight while his wing man kept assuring us that he would see us? Shuooo na me kill Jesus! Abeg by 12:30, we got up and left. Which kain wahala be dis.

At some point, we had lost hope of ever pulling this off, but one day during aerobics class, my trainer, +Anthony Olubiyi Boyede Overheard me talking about staging a play and he said to me, this is what I do ma'am, leave the play to me, I'll bring it to life. This was after I had been waiting on some popular entertainment person to put the play together for me and got snubbed. Anyway, we came up with the cast for the play, mainly people I knew from different groups I am in, many who had never been on stage before and we started rehearsals, Friday nights at my place. The dedication and support from these guys blew me away. There was this day, my end was totally blocked as a result of road constructions; you won't believe that some of the actors had to walk a fair distance to get to mine, while those that drove, drove through hours of traffic. I can't say how much I love these guys.

Watch the play here if you missed it - Here's the link to the full play

The Red Carpet was handled by Yemi Bamgbose and below are some highlights. Watch in full here

This post is getting so long, let me just wrap up with my lessons here

1. Building strong Relationships is everything.
2. When you decide to do something and you want to do it bad enough, it will happen.
3. Money is not the only factor in making things happen.